Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lily's Lucky Day

Here comes another Horse Isle 2 post already. Because... *drumroll* ...I found my first all positive stat wild horse! XD That brings the total to 4, and all have been stallions.

How did this happen so soon, when Felicity just found a 6/6 horse on Sunday? I guess we're extra lucky this week. 

Flora and I had just travelled via SwimmerTurtle to visit the island where MithrilBop lives. We're in the middle of the Golem's Precious quest. We have learned that MithrilBop is the dwobbit who took Golem's precious, but MithrilBop has hidden it somewhere. The first ring hiding spot he suggested was bogus, so we were back on Islands Lake to talk to him for the second time of the day. (On my first visit, there was not a single wild to be found. I suspect someone else scoured the island for wilds shortly before I arrived, which is always kind of a bummer.)

Another player showed up while I was visiting MithrilBop, so I figured any hope I had at a wild was dashed. That player seemed to be on pressing business with the dwobbits, though, so Flora and I cantered into the grassy eastern expanse of the island to check for iron ore. There was iron ore, but more importantly, there was this beauty:

Camera shy, lol
I didn't dare wait for him to turn around so I could take a better screenshot. The other player was too close for comfort, and I didn't want to dawdle just in case he or she came to investigate why I was standing still. He was fairly easy to catch. It helped that I happened to find him in the first quadrant I searched, for once. ;)

So handsome!
His agility and speed gene stats match!
Wow, what a horse! 2,333 gene stats total, +83 stats for his breed, and as intelligent as APHs get! Unusual coloring, blue eyes, and a personality type none of our horses have so far... Yay! He's a keeper, no doubt about it. Never mind that Bethany already has a APH mare. You can never have too many APHs. I'm envisioning pastel blue polos, saddle pad, and halter for him. :)


  1. I love your writing first of all. Second, which is the first 'bogus' isle you have to go to for the Golem's Precious Quest?

  2. Thank you! =) Hmm, this was a while ago, but I believe the first place that MithrilBop sent me to look for the ring was Oak Isle. I found a topaz, which was clearly not a ring.

  3. For some reason I can't get into MithrilBop's house... Could you tell me where I can get the key?

    1. Hmm, I don't remember being locked out of this house, nor do I remember having to find a key. Sorry I can't be more helpful!


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