Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15

Well, my birthday was the last of the mild days we're going to see around here anytime soon. It started out sunny and beautiful. My sisters and I got in a lovely horseback ride after school. It was getting cloudy and windy because showers were on their way, and the blowing leaves made the horses more frisky than usual. The band of showers arrived around 5:30. It's been raining ever since. 

We also got the Christmas addition of the AG catalogue in the mail today, so I've been having fun looking through it. You can look forward to us posting about that in a few days.

In Horse Isle 2 news, today was an especially fun day because there were 50% more wild horses roaming around than usual. The game's birthday present to me: 3 wilds hanging out on Harbor Isle! Yetta and I caught all 3. Here they are:

flaxen gold sorrel Haflinger

dark bay Groningen and chestnut rabicano Irish Draught
None were keepers, but it was quite fun lassoing them all, as well as making about $15,000 and gaining 15 experience points. XD Thanks, Horse Isle. 

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