Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Felicity's Draftie

Okay, let me set the scene. It was Sunday morning before church. I was on Rocky Cove Isle with Arion, intending to mine gems with him in the Mines of More-or-Less. (Ari loves to show off how he can jump that crevice.) Before we did that, we poked around the ledges of Rocky Cove as usual, checking for dutchies (lost dutchman mines) and golden eggs. And then I found this guy by a dragget cave: 
Apparently, he isn't afraid of draggets

This was the first time I remember ever finding a Grade Draft Horse in the mountains. Usually it's Kigers, Kaimanawas, and Moyles, none of which I'm particularly fond of. So, I was pleased from the get-go and got out my lasso. I was even more pleased when I viewed his profile after catching him.

Here he is:
Awkward wording for his coloring. Shouldn't it really be brown spotted blanket?
I like his one white coronet, even if it does ruin the symmetric stocking effect :)

Super cool! Our third 6/6 positive stat wild horse and the first not caught by Bethany! Ha ha, Bethany, you can't brag about being the only one any more. And, the stallion streak continues. 

A very handsome stallion, I'd say. But, despite his good looks and how good his stats are for his breed, like most grade drafts on the game, his gene stats do not stack up in comparison to most other horse breeds. (Note how 4 out of the 6 don't even make it close to 300.) In addition, I was not impressed by his personality (skittish, extremely stubborn, and extremely lazy). So, he went to the auctions and was sold to another player. Hopefully he will be happy with his new owner. 

Who will be next to catch a 6/6 wild? And who will be the first to catch a 6/6 mare? Oh, the suspense!

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